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Election fever

Posted on 2010.04.19 at 19:10
I haven't written anything at all in ages. So I thought I would.

Living in Watford is usually not a very riveting subject. After all we're only really famous for our gap ( which incidentally isn't even ours but a tiny village called Watford up in Northamptonshire).

But living here right now is pretty exciting. You see Watford is politically a 3 way marginal. Less than 300 votes seperated the 3 main party's at the last election. So there is a lot of media attention on my little town. When you factor in the fact that since the early 70's the MP from Watford has always belonged to the party in power Watford is quite the political gem at the moment.

In the last few days whilst walking around the town on my lunch break I have spoken to the Conservative candidate, been interviewed by The Independent as to how I'm going to vote and seen the BBC interviewing people for the 6 O'Clock news (Shown just about an hour ago on TV).

So watch this space and keep an eye out for my little town over the next couple of weeks.

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