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Posted on 2008.06.06 at 10:13
I haven't watched it for years. The last time I was even remotely interested was Big Brother 2.

I had no plans to bother with this years show either (Big Brother 9) however I was at a friends last night and they were watching the grand opening of the Big Brother house and the entrance of 13 housemates so i watched it with them.

I have already decided who I like and who I dislike, which means that for the next 93 days I'm gonna have to watch and see if my first impressions are true.

Yes I have already discussed it at work.

Yes I have checked out the official web site.

Yes I'm hooked.


Posted on 2008.05.18 at 15:13
I Like !!!

Fraggle Rock..........

Posted on 2008.05.14 at 13:43
The Movie !!

It's true.

It's a muscial.

That's all I know.


In a movie.


Feck it !

Posted on 2008.04.16 at 16:32
So, my boss tells me he needs my urgent help to log various items on the system "urgently"

He's currently part way through a 20 minute discussion on pottery.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here waiting for him while my work continues to pile up.

Go Figure !!!

Sky News

Posted on 2008.02.26 at 15:28
I made the sky news forum !

You may have to scroll through to see my comment but it's definately there

Here's the link.


Smiled all the way through it !

Posted on 2008.02.19 at 19:18

Smiled all the way through it !!!!

And seeing that remided me of this guy. I think he's a legend !!!

Angry. So. Very. Angry.

Posted on 2008.01.31 at 13:58
Why can't a guy and a girl be really close friends without some f*ckwit making all sorts of remarks about them boning one another.

P*sses me right off.

New Year stuff

Posted on 2008.01.07 at 13:26
I don't do New Year Resolutions, I believe that if you are going to start something / give something up etc then just go ahead and do it, don't wait for New Year (I found out recently that that is something I have in common with Will Smith! )

However, having said that I have decided that this year I'm going to do a couple of things. These aren't resolutions, just things I'm going to do.

Number 1. Play more basketball. This is something I used to do years ago. Three, four sometimes five times a week I would play, either on my own or with friends and if I'm honest I got quite good, I made the team in a local league and it was there that I scored the best basket I have ever scored. Anyway I want to take it up again. Not to get good and get on a team simply because when I was playing I enjoyed it so much. And I want to take advantage of the fact that having given up smoking for 27 months I am fit enough to be able to play again.

Number 2. Read more. I used to read loads. I haven't read a book in ages. Simple as that !!


Posted on 2007.11.28 at 09:51
Last night I watched "Survival" For those that don't know, Survival is the last "Classic" Doctor Who episode. After watching the episode I watched several of the DVD's special features, including "Endgame", a documentary talking about what would have happened to the show if it hadn't been cancelled.

After watching all of this something odd happened. I was left with the feeling that something wonderful had just finished and how could they do it to me. That was odd because I am a Johnny come lately fan and I have a plethora of old Who episodes that I have not seen and they all (with the possible exception of "Timelash") are, I'm sure, going to be amazing to watch and will keep me in new undiscovered Who for months to come.

But I still can't shake that feeling.

Goodness only knows how the die hard fans must have felt when it actually happened.

Elvis and me

Posted on 2007.11.19 at 19:26

The Guy in the background over Elvis' shoulder is it me or isn't it even I can't tell !!!

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